Friday, March 10, 2006

Books, books, books

Books, books, books..............which ones to take on the trip to France? I've been saving the highly recommended deKooning by Mark Stevens. Then there is the catalog Heaven and Earth from the Anselm Keifer show I went to in Fort Worth. It certainly deserves more than the cursory glance I've had time for lately.

The other day I got my complimentary copy of Paul Dorrell's book, Living The Artist's Life. I've really enjoyed reading it and getting to know another artist's personal thoughts about their life and making their living selling and promoting art. Thanks, Hillstead Publishing, for the copy to bloggers.

My friend, Ellie, says she has the DaVinci Code and I never got around to reading it....this is certainly the countryside made famous in the book....right there at Rennes-le-Chateau and the land of the Cathars....then there are the digital art and collage books I bought and haven't taken the time to really read and absorb. Oh yeah.........then it might be fun to have novels to read....oh my, guess I'm gonna have to pare down all the books as I do have a wheeled carry-on but not much room in it after the laptop, etc.

Packing should be know what they say, get all the stuff out you want to take and then put half of it back. Clothes will take a back seat on this trip.


  1. I bet they have books in France, Cheryl--even ones in English. Why not check with Ellie? The Da Vinci Code might be a really fun novel to read while there--and maybe Ellie has a copy.

  2. No, they don't have a lot of English books available and when you find them they are expensive....this is according to Ellie. That's why we always take a lot of paperbacks we've already read and some we haven't that we can read while there and leave
    for them for her. She does have the DaVinci Code so I might
    read that while there.
    I was also looking through a bag of books my daughter sent me and found Frida.