Friday, May 26, 2006

On A Roll ..I don't know!

Any time I can get two paintings finished in two days, I consider I'm on a roll. Well......I must admit that they weren't started and finishes all in the same day but just finishing one on one day and the other the next is good enough. Especially if you haven't been getting a heck of a lot of work done in some time.

......Lac Montbel 2 is today's finished painting. Although it was the first one of the two paintings I started, it was the last to be completed.

I worked over and over and then photographed it....decided it had too much of a dark inverted "v" shape almost in the center of the back to the painting table to work on that....and more photographing.........finally, I think it's done.

I've been working so much on paper lately...that I think I must drag some canvas out of the closet next...........hum, and what size do I want that canvas to be???


  1. It's all to do with associations I guess - titles that are right for works, and works that are right for titles. I find that sometimes a title will come before a work, but that there can be much trial and error before the appropriate work is made that fits the title.

    I like these two Lac Montbel pieces, and enjoyed reading about how the works developed.

  2. Hi Omega,

    It is my preference for the title to come after the work or when the process is almost complete. Otherwise it never seems to measure up to my expectations. I visited your blog.......and of course, LOVE the textures from the photos. You probably have gazillions like I do of close-ups of old walls. I've embarrassed myself out with my daughter taking pictures of the shadows on the floor of the outdoor dining area and such.

  3. I have a feeling that there are a great many of us mad photographers around!