Thursday, July 27, 2006

New Book out

This morning blogarithm sent me a link to a Shreveport, LA artist's blog. Judy Horne is one of the artists who lives in the area......I live about 65 miles over the LA/TX line in Texas. It will be so much fun to meet these artists. I've been aware of most of their names and work for some years but never met them in person.

So, if you are anywhere around Shreveport, LA on August 13...2-4pm, come by the Barnes and Noble for the artists' book signing of Nita Leland's,The New Creative Artist.......and meet Judy Horne, Mary Sorrows Hughes, Gwen Talbot Hodges, Hank Storr, Glenda Rogers,Karen Harrington, Bill Bryant,Mary Norvell and me.

I'm proud to say that Nita and the Northlight editors chose my work for the cover.....I feel 10 feet tall at least.


  1. Hi Cheryl,

    Congratulations, that you have had the luck to give the book its look. Because of your link, there is a double "http://", unfortunately.

  2. Thanks for the note about the link......I just cut and pasted it and didn't notice. I will fix it right now.....

  3. Congratulations! It is such a joy to see one's work in or on a book - it always seems to lend it so much more worth. Pure perception of course, but a great experience. However as an ex-publisher I hope that you are getting a fee for your inclusion and for the cover pic, because the market for the book is probably not one which will be buying art, so you don't benefit as much from widespread sales.

    I hope you have a great time meeting the other artists.

  4. An exciting. What kind of books did you publish, Omega?
    In this instance, no payment is made to the artists..we're happy to have the exposure of the book images and cover. If you teach (which I don't) it can bring you in more students when they discover your work so there can be some advantage.

  5. Cheryl, I have to disagree with Omega to some extent as I, too, paint, but love collecting works that are beautiful and work that I cannot do or hope to do. But, since I do paint, these books do direct me to artists which I'd like to follow and buy work from them.

    Not shabby cover, by the way. Your painting certainly makes the cover interesting looking!

  6. Pat is right, and I hope that the book does bring about useful contacts.
    I used to be in children's and educational publishing a long time ago.