Saturday, August 26, 2006

Heat...go away!

Well crossing fingers not to have 100 degree weather DID NOT work Thursday and, either. I was going up Oaklawn toward the Dallas design district where my art photographer has his studio and I looked up at the temperature and it said 112...... YIKES. I know it wasn't quite that hot but you could have fooled me. And they said it wasn't going to be 100 that day. No pretense the next day, we all knew.

So I dropped those panels off so they wouldn't melt in the heat of my SUV over night and returned to some gorgeous looking 4 x5's the next afternoon on the way home. I can certainly recommend Steve Beasley Fine Art Photography to anyone needing large transparencies.

I got a little shopping in but it was so hot, I didn't do a lot of roaming around. I was going to go by one of my favorite galleries on the way back to the studio but they called a little early and the traffic due to the continuing road work did me in and end the end........I just went on by.

I can hope and cross fingers again for on into September when I have to go toward New Orleans to deliver the painting that the temperatures will be a little better. Right now I feel like I must live in West Texas as everything is getting a gold and brown dead look to it and the trees are even starting to be stressed to the point of some dying around here.


  1. We have relatives in Dallas and have been watching the temps there... wow! Not quite as bad here, though we did hit 100+ a few days... it's got to end soon. When you drive to Houma, you'll cross the Mississippi River on the Luling bridge I blogged about in June... it's only a few miles from my former neighborhood in Destrehan.

  2. It's still bad here..........but I'll be thinking of you when I cross the bridge. I'm also going to our friend Patti's show reception the next day...........will be in touch.