Saturday, October 7, 2006

Urge squelched....

An urge has been brewing for some re-design my web site. About a year or so ago, I bought the upgraded Office 2003 and it came with an upgrade to FrontPage as dummy me, I loaded the whole thing up and as luck would have it, that program had changed a LOT since I last upgraded. I had a real tough time finding just the usual automatic thumbnail images at first. Now I'm even more off my rocker as I downloaded another new page editor to try out. Heck, I can't even figure out how to layer the different colors I wanted for the template. And, I have over 100 pages on my website so............this is never gonna happen.

I know...they tell you not to put everything on the site.....and I don't. But, I do have to keep SOME old work on pages as archives. How else am I going to show someone what I've done in the past so they can see I might do something similar again in different sizes, etc.???

People might say that FrontPage doesn't have clean code, but I think I'm stuck with it as my brain just isn't in the mood to learn too many new things at one time.......besides that, I have to paint. What good will it do me to have a clean, spiffy new site if I don't have anything to put on it? And ....what if google and yahoo can't find me if I change it too much? Lots to think of and my mind is buzzing.


  1. Oh Lord, I've installed and uninstalled FrontPage so many times -- vowing each time to learn it. It seems too much like work to me. I'll pay you big bucks to teach it to me.

  2. jeez! That's my story, too. I'm going through the same thought processes and it makes me crazy! Of course we both know people who can design new sites for us....Robin

  3.'s not as though I KNOW Frontpage. It's that it is the only program I've used since the first page I put up after using Publisher that could be saved as HTML. Like I said, it has changed since my first copy and now I figured out just what I need to know.
    Robin......yeah, we do know someone who could design it, but do they know what we need on the site for clients, galleries, etc.And it has been great to do all the changing and updating so I won't give up that part of it. When I want a new image on the home page, I want it NOW.