Monday, November 13, 2006

Four down and one to go

Four down and one to go.................

I've a family member in the hospital so I've been in and out of the house and the studio the past week..........not much time to really concentrate.

This is the fourth of the paintings I've been working on lately...........I still have the big 48 x 48" brown/black that is no longer brown/black to work on.

This painting has gone through several layers.......hum, already forgot the title to the original one but I was thinking of France and the trip there today so I'm titling it Plage as it reminds me of the shore/beach. It's 20 x 16" acrylic on canvas.


  1. hey Cheryl -
    That looks like a saguaro cactus on the left, so it looks like desert to me! Don't know if I will make it out to madrid, but there's a photo of one of your paintings in the Jezebel ad in one of the local publications!

  2. Haha.......just goes to show abstract paintings evoke the environment you are in or have been thinking of. Beach and desert do have some similarities, though.

    That's probably the Collector's Guide....they have one of my paintings in their two page ad.

  3. I immediately thought of a sandy estuary seen from the air. For me this piece feels like a moment captured in an ever-changing landscape. Maybe that's because it makes me think of an estuary and the tides. I like it.