Saturday, December 2, 2006

Calling it finished

Calling it finished...........

I've been working on this painting again reported on in the last blog entry. Then I had to sleep on it for two days. This morning was THE day, I'm painting over the top....just has to be, for good or ill.

Some people might like the first rendition, but this is finished........if I decide later it isn't, I'll just throw it away as I think this thing has about a ton of paint on it and it's not the heavy duty gallery wrap stretcher so it just can't take any more weight.......and it will have to be framed. This just reminded me why I don't like painting on the standard stretchers any longer.

This is the first of the final just had to have more unity, red won out...give me more red for the final painting........

The the final painting is at the top of the post.............title??


  1. "Torque" is my suggestion for a title. I really like it! KJ

  2. No title suggestion just this minute, but I love it!!

  3. Thanks Martha and Karen.......I'd been working (during the last two layers) with colors from Anadalusia and considered using that in my title. But suddenly "Beyond My Walls" popped into my head so I'm going with that. The trouble with titles that name a place is that they may not resonate with another person's ideas of the place.