Saturday, January 13, 2007

Tape and Edges I know you're wondering "why in the world is that cobalt blue around the edges of the panels"? in the previous post picture.

Well, if not, you should. I NEVER put a strong color next to my work or it will influence it.......but I didn't have any other two inch wide tape and so I'll see how it goes. For a year now I've been sick of going back and painting the canvas edges. I used to paint them in layers as I went but somehow I got off doing it and it is a real PAIN to paint them all later, especially on large work.

These are Ampersand panels with a nice birch side framework so I figure this is as good a time as ever to just not paint the sides. I may change my mind later but for now I have blue tape.

It has already influenced me......I kept walking past with not a clue what I was going to do color wise with these pieces and kept seeing "BLUE" why not three blue, three yellow, and three red? First layers rarely show up in the final pieces anyway. The other three are for the negative sections...........will discuss that as it comes later.

Right now I've got a couple of layers of color on these pieces with not a clue where they will lead me. Well........a clue about structure of these pieces...all dozen of them into 3 separate art pieces ........But other than that, it will just have to be relationships and processes leading me, with the concept as structure. I don't want to be totally locked into my plans for this work so ultimately the work will tell me where it wants to go.


  1. Yes, the edges of the paintings are a real nuisance ... Dawn uses woodpanelling or she make the wood for the canvas smaller so that she can wrap the canvas around the edges especially in her panel paintings. Other paintings still remain unpainted except for the white primer

  2. Yes, I do see all kinds of edges wherever I go. For some reason one of my galleries wants to stipulate that the edges be painted if they aren't framed. Guess these will go elsewhere unless I change my mind and decide to paint them OR they change their minds about the policy.

  3. I had to laugh about the blue tape! Because I use the exact same thing on the edges of all my Ampersand panels. Sometimes it's a little distracting, the color is so intense. But most of the time I forget about it until some studio visitor says, "uh, I have to say I'm not so sure about the blue sides..." (or in one case, "wow!" I love those blue sides!!") and then of course I have to explain that in the end it will just be nice clean wood. Sometimes I paint the sides of the Ampersand panels white or off-white but usually I like the plain wood. Hope your gallery can see the beauty of that...