Saturday, February 24, 2007

A Quote for the Day

A quote for the day......just after clicking around through some blogs, I came across this quote. How appropriate for me (without the top artist part) I'm asking myself this over and over the past couple of years...and I think it's getting worse every year.

"It seems that I am considered a top artist and that doesn't surprise me. But that doesn't help me to make a new work. I go to work every time thinking, "What on earth am I going to do?" How will I make something that works?" - Robert Rauschenberg

The small panels I've been working on over and over sporadically just keep changing. I hesitate to post a picture as by the time anyone sees the image (and of course, just LOVES it) may very well be painted over. are two of them.


  1. HI Cheryl,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Like that quote eh? I can relate to much of what you share about your process. You're right about Acrylic & Wax do not mix! If you were looking at those circles and the wax pour I did, they were painted in Oils. Check out the R&F Paints site, they have a cool tech forum. Don't touch those pieces! :-)

  2. Thanks, Cyndy.

    I was writing this one and wanted to give you credit with a link.........then forgot the link to insert. :>/

    The problem with these pieces has been that I was planning for all of them to have some kind of continuity at the very least......and they don't which is unusual for me working on them all at one time. Maybe I should just forget them being a series type group and go for the individual or pairings.

    I will check out the forum. One thing is really holding me back....fumes, etc. from the wax process.

  3. Cheryl,
    I think going for 'pairings' is a good strategy, or sometimes picking out the parts of one of the pieces that attract you and working that back into the other piece. It took me a year of reading Joanne Mattera's book on the Art of Encaustic before I jumped in and set up my encaustic studio which addresses all the safety issues -- proper ventilation, exhaust fans, temperatures, etc. I like this dialogue. I'm also working in Acrylics now after 2 years of solely encaustic medium. Interesting to hear what you want from using Wax?

  4. Cyndy....I've mulled over the thought of incorporating wax for quite a long time. I just have so many things I like that I can't do them all or have the space.
    THe main thing that draws me to encaustic in the wonderful surface..such beautiful depth and richness. I don't see that all work labeled as encaustic has this quality so I don't want to just throw some wax on so to speak like I've seen.
    That brings up the problem or not really a problem ..there seems to be so many artists jumping on this band-wagon lately that I hesitate to just be another one. Encaustic does have it's drawbacks in shipping, careing for it properly and also the learning to work with it safely.
    Since I also work with collage, this was somehting I thought might also work with that part of my art.

    In the meantime, I should get myself back in gear as it's just not happening right now for me. I could do with one of those wonderful experiences of a day when everything just flows and "works"....