Sunday, March 18, 2007

Thinking of last year

Just sitting here at the computer and blogarithm sent me my blogs update. There in the couple of new updates was one I started watching just before heading to France last year at the end of March. Meanwhile, here in France is the blog. It sure made me want to pack up and go back. Looking at all the spring flowers popping up and the blogger talking about sitting out drinking a glass of rose with her lunch........hum, nice.

On the art side........I've been buying and sending off for encaustic supplies. I've had it in mind and waffled back and forth for several years now. It could really be a neat way to collage but is also expensive and a learning curve for what will work with wax and what won't fuse properly. It also concerned me for the fumes and health issues. The more I read the more I realized that one really big factor to staying safe (other than good ventilation) is to buy the paints and mediums instead of making them yourself and good equipment to keep the temperature from getting too hot and making harmful fumes. I know it isn't as simple as that but it's a start. I've spent lots of time researching on the R & F forum. I won't be able to use my acrylic painted papers but will work around all that and see how it goes. would be nice if I read my previous post sometime before writing another with some of the same info. Oh well, I had to come back and label this post anyway as I keep forgetting to do it half the time.


  1. Do you sell your artwokrs in E-Bay?

  2. Also been doing a lot of thinking about this time last year as we were gathering our travel gear and prepping for the big trek... sigh...

  3. Addicted...I don't sell on ebay....but I do through my website and through galleries. If something isn't on the site, just email me.

    Karen....I know what you mean. I have a couple of trips coming up this year though so no France or Europe this year...maybe next year. AZ in August (will look around Scottsdale I think) and Chicago in November. And not to forget Colony, too.

    Time to paint in between......