Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Studio time

Why must I learn this lesson over and over ??? A painting starts out looking good, and then goes downhill from then on. I know this happens all the time but I berate myself for not being able to start something and finish it and still like it. SO...I just got out some paint, closed my eyes and zapped over half of the canvases to start over.

I've been looking at the new canvases on the painting wall for days with all kinds of excuses to keep from doing anything else since the fateful second day when I added paint that RUINED the whole thing. Heck, I even went in the studio and wrapped and packed all the paintings for a show that won't open until August. They were really in my way since I pulled them a couple of weeks ago...........HUM, but where to put them now in their 3 big boxes. I guess the dining area is as good a place as any for the time being.

I need to clean the paintings storage closet out and just destroy some pieces... or I considered giving them to the local art museum for an auction to raise money. If they would send them out of town that might be a good thing as I hate to undercut my own sales by giving away work that locals might buy at cheap prices. Oh well, just a thought as I need to clean out the closet now and then.


  1. if you hate them that much better to paint over, right? good luck! R

  2. yeah....I painted over about 70%....looked better and then I went back this morning with more paint on top of that. Now to adding LOTS more. One thing good about acrylic is that it doesn't matter how much is piled up, the surface is actually enhanced by the layers. Maybe that's why I'm not liking the first efforts as much any longer.

  3. my wife startsout with a few marks and then the painting seems to jump out of the canvas and if she doesn't like it she paints it over and over until something takes her fancy.

    so I don't agree that the painting starts out good and then deteriorates.


  4. Ahh..yeah. Sometimes that is true.Sometimes the first strokes and layer is so "pretty" that you can't keep working although you know it isn't finished. That's what I meant about deterioration. It seems like that many of my best paintings have had to go through this stage to "become". Rarely, does the first step become the finished piece for me now. It's a fortunate day when that happens.