Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Studio Set up

Hum....gotta re-think the electronics in the studio for the encaustic. My hot air gun is knocking out the breaker on my electric strip and I have two electric strips going. I was being careful but, even on low speed, it did it again today. SO...I moved the gun work area over on the other side of the table and plugged directly into the wall there. SO far, so good, but I'm worried. I got DH to come in and tell me where he added new breakers for this garage when we made it into a room so long ago. HE ONLY ADDED ONE the one on the wall over there is on the living room breaker and that knocks out some from the strips but I've got some thinking to do here. Maybe like call an electrician if I can get DH to let me. He's one of those DYI people but he really has no time lately as he has to spend so much time over at his folk's place doing things there. ...and they have 200 acres to do on.

Well...what did I expect when I plug in a griddle, a pro warming tray/palette, 2 crockpots, a heat gun and don't even mention the tacking iron.

I did get to work about 30 minutes (after heating wax for 45 minutes) before the storm warning came in saying it will be here soon. So time for lunch, huh!


  1. I had a good set up in NOLA because we created a studio over the garage and I planned for the extra load as well as ventilation. Then we moved and I also have breaker problems... probably the reason I lost interest in the process. I hope it won't be as much a problem with wax prints, haven't had time to focus on them yet.

  2. It would be great if you could send me the specs on what you set up in NOLA. I'd been thinking of having an electrician look at my ceiling lighting situation anyway and maybe I could get it all done at one time.

  3. Specs? Ha! Like I would remember. It was all on a separate breaker is all I know. An electrician should have a good idea of what you'd need.

    Have always used a combo of daylight fluorescence and incandescents but couldn't tell you if that's the best, just works for me.

    The ventilation was an 'over the range' type fan built into the wall, positioned near my work table to draw the hot fumes away from me. I notice the difference when not working with one and will have to rig something.

  4. Humm.........well, my studio is a converted front of house garage. I have three windows in a row facing south but I hesitate to put anything in these windows and can't cut a hole in brick to make an exhaust fan fit there. I wonder if it's okay to vent into the attic or would wax build up in the vented fumes? I have two breakers from the old wall into the house and one for the rest of the room. If I had one more, maybe I could divide up the current pulled.

    For lighting, I use 8, 48" daylight flourescents right now...and wish I had them all over the ceiling sometimes. These old eyes are NOT getting younger.

    Guess I'll have to research and then call an electrician if needed.

  5. I don't know what Rodrigo said so I took it off....
    Please comment in English so I can know what you have to comment.

  6. I would give you a few suggestions for how to set up your studio but to tell ya the truth...I don't know how to set one up perfectly myself. Uggggg!!! Glad you got to work for at least 30mins.