Thursday, June 14, 2007

Studio Pictures

Hard at work on a couple more encaustic panels......

Curry took a couple of pictures of me working on the next two panels.

On these pieces, I've already got a couple of layers of medium, lightly fused and cut up some collage pieces to lay on top. I put a larger piece on one panel and a smaller one on the other. Now I'm adding a lot more medium to get it all "glued" down.

Who knows what will happen but I'm gonna try laying in some oil paint and layering wax medium over it, fusing, and see what happens. I, also, think I'll get out the graphite and see what happens. I noticed it's kinda hard to "draw" anything on wax so I'll just keep experimenting around and see what happens.


  1. Cheryl!
    Wonderful seeing you diving into the Encaustic Medium! Thanks for linking to me and I will get you on my site! I just noticed a post you left me a while back that I completely missed. It is totally helpful about those black & white circles! I've separated the 2 now and liking them better separate now. More chats with you later on working in Acrylics and then in Encaustic! I've been spending 2 to 3 days in Acrylics and then retooling the studio back into Encaustics! If only my studio was 5 times larger!!! I'm excited to see more of your encaustics!

  2. Thanks Cyndy. I replied to your email but I think it went to the netherworld of bloggerville.
    Five times bigger studio....for sure, I wish.

  3. Cheryl - easy to do drawing on wax. Do a charcoal drawing on a piece of paper, turn it over so the charcoal side is down, then burnish it on to the wax. It picks up every nuance, just like you "drew" on the wax itself. Just don't forget it will be backwards. R

  4. burnish....thanks Robin. Ooops, here come the storms again. Gotta close down the computer.

  5. Ohhh these are wonderful pictures! Thanks for sharing these! I just love to see other artist's at work. Just thrills me to the bone! Great post!

  6. I am enjoying these pix of you at work on your encaustics. The one you posed 6-12 is a wonderful piece of work!


  7. Thanks Kaye and Angela.....good to hear from you guys. I AM having fun.