Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Moving right along...another new gallery!

I'm moving right along......packing up a dozen more paintings for a gallery in Seattle. I hope that things go well and my work will work in the gallery there.........in other words, SELL for them and me. It's a gallery that has been there for about 34 years, Gallery Mack, Art Connection. Whatever happens the owner is a super nice lady from my contact with her so far. Since there will be one encaustic in the shipment I think I'll wait until Monday so it won't have to be in a storage warehouse over a week-end....and possibly a lot of heat. I guess this will be a test of sorts to see how ground shipments will go with wax.

I got the invitations in the mail for sending out for my show at Joyous Lake Gallery that will open August 3 in Pinetop-Lakeside, AZ. This will be my first visit to AZ. I hear it is very pleasant in the White Mountains compared to the heat of the rest of the state in August. I'm looking forward to meeting the gallery owner, Gwen Pentecost, in person finally....super lady.

Wow.............now I'm finally getting the studio sorted out a little and can get back to working on the last little encaustic panel. (Good gosh, it's cobalt violet and orange so far). Next on the agenda is to work on acrylic and canvas again for a bit through some of this heat. Encaustic might be best in the cooler weather when possible. I did go out and look up the beeswax people near here. It was only filtered one time so not as white as I might like for light paints....but it will do fine for darker or medium tones. I was afraid to buy their white pharmaceutical grade since they didn't know if it was chemically whitened. I'll just have to get that stuff from somewhere else when I buy the damar resin crystals. Sooner or later I need to learn to make my own medium if I'm going to work larger. And I ordered some 32 x 32 and 24 x 24 panels...........

With two new galleries, it's going to call for lots of time in the studio. Seems like it's either too many paintings on hand or not enough. But that sounds great to me.


  1. So busy! Lots of good stuff happening for you... good luck!

  2. Thanks, Karen. It's good to be busy. You must be as well since I haven't seen you online lately.

  3. You go, girl! Sounds like things are humming right along for you.

  4. Absolutely....only one thing better career wise than having lots of fun in the studio is finding somewhere to sell it.

  5. Congrats Cheryl, and I hope things work out really well for you!

    Let us know how shipping the encaustic one went in the heat. I have some of the same issues with my work due to the large amount of wax medium. I'm thinking that it is more direct heat/sunlight than sitting in a warehouse that would be a problem.

  6. Well, you never know until the work gets there if it's like what they see on their monitor. About the shipping, I had another encaustic artist tell me she'd had no problem shipping ground so I thought this was a good opportunity to see how it goes with only one. From researching I've noted that extreme cold can be worse than heat with the bumping around packaging goes through. I'll report.