Monday, August 27, 2007

Nice Day!

Nice from Gallery Mack, Seattle, that three paintings sold. They are now checking with me about sending some more out. The Dallas gallery also sold a small collage a couple of weeks ago.........and my show in AZ. So, things are perking right along right now..

......and a Happy Birthday to me for tomorrow. I'm getting to be an old "codgeress" there such a word? Well, I don't like it much but the years just keep sneaking up on me and another birthday is here.

I'm meeting tomorrow with an artist acquaintance, Lee Cohen , who is coming up from College Station to bring her work for the National Association of Women Artists' show to be held at the Longview Museum of Fine Arts. I'm looking forward to meeting her and seeing her wonderful work. The show, Personal Landscapes, opens at LMFA with a reception on September 15, 6:30 pm- 9:00 pm. Come by if you are in Longview, TX. The show will be up until October 27.

After all this running around, I better get back to the work in the studio bright and early Wednesday morning........or even Tuesday afternoon/evening.


  1. Congratulations on those sales, Cheryl! Happy Birthday too!!

  2. wow - you're hot! Happy Birthday!

  3. I have adored your art for so long now. Specially those tiny crevices of red ones lol. I added you to my blog so I won't lose you again everytime my puter dies.

  4. Thanks everyone..........just got back from Birthday Lunch. It's hot out there.

    Wondering who deleted their comment. :>/

  5. Great post! Happy Birthday!

  6. First, Happy Birthday! Second, congratulations. And finally, the word you want is "crone".