Tuesday, September 18, 2007

National Assn. of Women Artists

Opening reception went great for the NAWA Invitational show, Landscapes, that opened Saturday night. There were four artists from the group there to say a few words about their work. There was a surprise for me walking into the museum......a podium had been set up on the raised stage at the back of the east gallery where the show hung. I'd not thought of the "art talk" as being so formal, but we muddled on through. In fact, it turned out quite well. I'm happy I didn't know or I'd have been nervous.

This week I'm taking time off for family time. Although you know it's coming some day for the aging members of the family, you still aren't prepared for the death of a loved one.

If I'm able to make it to Mississippi Art Colony next week..........it will be back to painting and a few blog entries.

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  1. ya look like a pro at the podium! I know what you mean about family time and aging folks (i think about it too much at times thinking I can find a way to be prepared). Enjoy your time away from the studio, and will be back to see more of your gorgeous paintings!!!!