Saturday, October 6, 2007

Good, bad, weird

Good things, bad things, weird things!

GOOD...I got home from colony all fired up with probably 6 unfinished paintings in various stages of finish. I had lots to do and clear out so I could get back to it.....including finishing a 48 x 36 I had on the wall easel.

Do I have it all done, or half??? NO NO NO. I've been flitting from one thing to another and not getting anything cleared. AND then the BAD/SAD, my mother in law died...only two weeks after her husband. Not easy to think and talk about. They both had a long life but we're never really ready to say goodbye...and then we have to whether we're ready or not.

So in the midst of all this all the paintings are still lining the hall, all the paints are still in their wheeled boxes, the unfinished one on the wall is still not finished and even all the images from Colony haven't been formatted or the web pages set up. On top of that............the WEIRD is that just before all this I ordered a new cell phone. WELL, let me tell you, I change stuff like this infrequently and now I even have a different brand so there is a new tech learning curve. This new slider Sony Ericsson W 580i (white) can play music, help you work out and count your steps, take 2 M pictures and who knows what all that I have to figure out how to do. I finally figured out how to get all the stuff from one sim to the other , charge, and make calls at least. Some of the other goodies may have to wait for another day as I don't know how to get music on it yet and heck it has hands-free and ear buds. Maybe this will keep my brain young.

GOOD..........someone is really interested in Conversations, Blue Green but I was on my way to making "arrangements'. Maybe it will go through and maybe not.


  1. Cheryl, I'm so sorry to read about your In-laws. Please accept my sympathy and prayers for you and your family.

  2. Trust me. You'll LOVE having a new phone. Keep us posted about it. I still have an upgrade coming and will be looking.

  3. Thanks, Princess. Things are somewhat better today and tomorrow is the service
    ........Annette, I thought you bought the i-phone. Do they already have an upgrade? Now to figure out some time over the next couple of weeks how to do the camera and tunes at least. Although I have a 20 G ipod and didn't really need the music part. ..or the camera part. What is it that makes you want new "toys" now and then??

  4. I'm sooo sorry to hear about your losses. :( You are always in my thoughts and prayers. :) *HUGS*