Friday, October 12, 2007

Guess what, another red painting!

Another red painting! I was working on this one before I left for colony and decided to not take it with me. All the family emergencies have kept me from getting back to it until last night. I think the colony visiting artist, Randall LaGro was right. Some paintings are finished when you come back to look at them again with new eyes. This one had a little tweaking to do but from a distance you wouldn't know I did any more to it.

I was rushing around today looking for a box to ship a painting to an Austin, TX gallery. They need to be able to show a client my actual work before commissioning a painting. Everyone seems to want "The Red Thread"....these people included, so I might be making a similar painting on down the line. The original just got to the Hilligoss Galleries in Chicago this afternoon. It will be included in the Women Artists Of The West show there, opening November 9 and 10. If anyone will be in the downtown Chicago area on those dates, come by and introduce yourself. I'll be making my first trip to Chicago for this show.

I'm tired and even more tired of trying to find a good ISP for out in the country.

Wonder what this new red painting will be's 48 x 36".???? Suggestions welcome.


  1. Hi Cheryl,

    Sorry to read about your recent loses. Condolences to you and your family.

    Love your new red piece. Very ethereal. Good luck with a title.

  2. love this atmospheric red painting! especially how it flows down as if falling and safely embraced into the blue below. i too notice that distance from a new painting is helpful. sorry about your losses and look forward to seeing what emerges next in your 'red thread'...good luck on the commission!!!

  3. Glenda and Cyndy,
    Thanks for the thumbs up on the red painting. Last night I was thinking of titling it ROSSO since I was looking through an Italian phrasebook....but then remembered the Conversations series so this one will be titled, Conversations, Red.

    On the other front of the family, we're just plodding along with all the things to do one step and day at a time. It's too overwhelming if you don't.

  4. What a wonderful painting! All of your work is great! Your use of color always astounds me! Thanks for sharing with us!
    Taking things a step at a time is the best way to go. My thoughts and prayers are with you. :) *HUGS*

  5. The red painting is fantastic! It will really liven up someone's life.

    Cheryl, would you mind telling me how your wall easel works?


  6. Sent the wall easel info to you at your email, Marsha.

  7. It's a serious painting about the fires in Calif., but no one will want to remember that. I like it by the way.


  8. sometimes I think it's subliminal...