Thursday, November 8, 2007

Am I lucky ???

What a fantastic start to my trip to Chicago. Of course, like everyone else I have wonderful kids. I go to Dallas frequently since my oldest daughter has a condo there. It is always so much fun to experience the vitality of a large city and she lives in a great area for getting around.

When I took my stuff in and put my overnight case in my room....there was a beautiful chocolate box with a ribbon on it on my pillow. She was out of town but took extra trouble to make her mom feel good...I'm gonna cry.

I had time to relax so I went shopping.....didn't buy a thing. Isn't that a great feeling...didn't see a thing I needed. So, I'm set for Chicago whatever weather, As my friend Pat tells me every time I wan to pack everything and anything....."you aren't going to outer Slobovia...if you need it, you can buy it there."

Chicago, here I come..........tomorrow.

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