Sunday, January 20, 2008

Too old for this kid stuff

If anyone wondered, I was down with tonsilitis all last week...thank goodness for Z-Paks. I would have thought I'm too old for this...I've had it off and on all my life except for about 20 years somewhere there in the middle.

I had to miss meeting up with some artists who work with encaustic and live around Dallas/Ft.Worth since I still couldn't drive off to Dallas Saturday (also had an check engine light come on).

Deanna Wood got the whole group going and has already set up a blog for the TexasWax/Dallas group.I'm looking forward to heading to Fort Worth next month for the next meeting............hey and then I could even go by the Modern again for the next exhibit.

Well, tomorrow is a new week and I hope my mechanic is working and not too busy to check my SUV out. I have another diptych on the wall easel and the grandkids just left. Things are much better around here........well, except for the cluttered, messy house.


  1. I am glad you are feeling better, Cheryl. What are Z-Paks? Stay well!

    I do hope your car is back in working order and things are back to normal for there a normal? :)

  2. SUV is back to normal now...just intake gaskets. Z-Paks are azithromycin (SP?) in paks of 5...antibiotic.
    Thanks, Kim.