Saturday, February 2, 2008

Plans and non-plans

The work I have on the wall right now must have 4 layers of paint. Oh well....right now it's waiting for me to make up my mind what to do with the next layer. Oh yeah....and it's red so next rendition might be neutral with red peeking through.

But on to the other news or...maybe non-news. We made an offer for the other half of the 200 acre farm we inherited and are still waiting to see what happens. So, I decided this is the time to get that yellow floral wallpaper I hung in the front bathroom in a weak moment stripped off. I always say I am NEVER going to put up wallpaper again when the day comes that it needs stripping off. Never mind that it might be making a comeback right now....but not for me.

I've tried to figure out what I want to do with this non-descript room but finally just went and got some paint my daughter recommended. I might as well have painted it SW Khaki again as it's so similar...but is the Martha Stewart Georgia Beach made by Valspar. My husband hates it so we argued through the whole process of stripping, cleaning, and painting....he wants light, bright, clean and colorful and I want neutral backgrounds for bright paintings. SO, I said, if we buy the farm, are we going around and around like this??? Cause I tell you right now I want neutral with all white wood trim. He said not, ....we'll see.

Well...back to refreshing the grout around the tub and I don't want to do that again more step to go with the caulking.


  1. Welcome to my world! I was strongly inclined to go with neutral colors in our lake house (also, as you know, a fixer upper) just because that's what I'm used to living with... but it's evolved into varying bright colors, usually mixed from HD's Oops paints (returned mixes, greatly reduced) and it's fun to see what develops, and if the color doesn't work out... on to the next mix!

  2. Yeah....for some reason I keeping thinking of a muted, grayed violet purple for the front bedroom to go with a yellow pine Ikea bed

    ....Oh well, the kids haven't said for sure they will take us up on the offer but they live 4 hours away so we expect it to work out.

    Still, lots of trepidation on my part though due to age and cost factors. ALSO, a studio first is a must.

  3. Wow, lots of things going on at once for you.

    *crossing fingers* for the farm.

    So how are the paintings going now? Decide what to do for the next layer?

  4. Yes, I know that I'll have to destroy it first as it is. Seems like that is becoming a part of the ritual lately.