Saturday, March 15, 2008

Creativity Portal

Today, I finally got around to reading some of a "newsletter" of sorts I subscribe to. It's called Creativity Portal and they have so many articles from various artists that are "spot on" for me. For instance, this one really spoke to me since I've been running around like a crazy person lately and really needing some quiet time. They ask that people link directly rather than quote so here it is......just scroll down to the article by Don Richmond........Space and Stillness.


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  2. yes, I agree with his essay. I think it's why artists, writers, etc., need so much down time--for walks, looking out the window, etc. It doesn't look a lot like working when we're staring at a blank wall or looking up at the sky but it is an invitation to the muse....

  3. People who are not artists don't usually understand this. It takes me a lot more time to just think about and muse over a painting in process (most of the time) than it does to actually paint it.

    I told someone one time, "think slow, paint fast"...or something like that.