Sunday, March 30, 2008

Too much rain..and other stuff!

Not much going on other that meeting myself coming and going out to the farm over the past week. I took a couple of pictures in the front bedroom and then forgot after we got the canopy framework up to take another. As you can see there is a lot of stuff piled up where it doesn't belong as we paint from room to room and move things out of adjacent areas.

Ooooh........and the picture of almost 6" in the rain gauge overnight with the storms coming through here. My daughter had a window broken in her kitchen from the hail. This was made at the house but it was terrible like this out at the farm, broken windows though there.


  1. Cheryl
    I'm glad Also glad y'all came through with only a broken window and expecially that you took a little of the rain out of the sky before it gets to us. LOL. We are anticipating about 10 more days of everything from sneezes to storms. It sure is dropping petals on the ground, so our usual spring show will be a quick one.

    I love the great golden glow of the bedroom.

  2. Yeah, I've been hearing lately about all the lack of rain in Georgia. The newspaper said they broke a 33 year record for one day. We had some more overnight but I haven't checked the gauge yet.
    Still mulling over my colors with the yellow. I almost bought some material this week but held off.

  3. Cheryl, that is so beautiful. I love the buttery yellow. Of course a little blue comes to mind with that. I sure could curl up and take a nap in that big old bed.

  4. I found a super looking reversible coverlet and sham today...looked charcoal/black but turned out to be chocolate...along with the qhite quilt set, should do well for this bed, I think. Now I won't have to get out the sewing machines. At least not for this unless I need some other things sewn later on down the line.