Friday, April 25, 2008

Colony painting

Finally getting a chance to write and upload my first painting from the current Colony session. This one is 40 x 40" acrylic on canvas. What other title could I give it but "Watery"??

I'm now waiting for paint to've heard that old saying I'm sure. Thank goodness for acrylic. Still you do have to wait a short time for the ground and tone to dry and it's almost lunch time so I decided to take this photo and write a little.

We're having a fine time as usual...the weather is cooperating, although a bit warm and muggy for the April sessions. That's better than cold and tornados for sure. Maybe I shouldn't write that as the session isn't over yet.

I've got a strange one going that I will show later...or NOT.



  1. Glad you're getting good weather. Your instructor and I share gallery space in Memphis but I've not had a chance to meet her. Say hi to all... someday I'll get back in the Colony cycle... I hope!

  2. This is just beautiful, Cheryl. I love that blue and yellow. I envy you getting to take off and paint at Colony. I know you're having a ball.

  3. Thanks Mary and Martha. The painting is a little deeper in color than the picture shows on my monitor but maybe not on others. I'm back home will all stuff unloaded but not put away. Tired as usual, but a good tired after time away painting and having fun with artist friends.
    I have one to finish and then on with trying to figure out the trip to Italy details.

  4. Beautiful painting, Cheryl. How lucky to get away and paint for several days. I miss not having my away time with other artists. I am sure the interaction was invigorating.

  5. It truely is invigorating to meet up with like minded people on a regular basis. Most of the times artists are locked away (when it come to their work) and it's such a learning experience when we get together and learn from each other like this.