Saturday, July 5, 2008

Farm stuff

Busy at the farm. This morning we sat on the front porch drinking coffee and I noted how much Granny's lilies were blooming....give'em water and they bloom like crazy.

DH has been working on the closet in the front bedroom. Old houses don't have much in the way of closet storage so you just have to make do with what you have. We now have two rods on one side for tops and bottoms.......and a higher one on the other end for long stuff. The shelves are WAAY up but I'm tall so will make do until something better comes along. At least the old carpet in now pulled out, and the floor sanded and varnished. There is one more small closet in this room to work on step at a time. We pulled out an old cabinet and tried to recycle it into shelves in the middle.....however, it is just too big so out it went to the garage. I'll have to be on the look-out for something else for shoes up the middle of the closet...maybe just a lot of wooden cubes attached to the back of the wall.

I'm still waiting for the tile people to show and tell me what's what in the bathroom. We got the new vanity/sink/faucet and lighting installed ourselves. Now to wait for the tile people to tell me when they can do their work. If I didn't know better I would think I was in France where repair people show up 6 months after you call them. I did get a plumber to come out immediately when we called them about the lightning hitting the hot water pipe last week-end though......and it ended up taking out two breakers at the garage apartment and ruining the DISH connection to DH's aunt's television.

Last night we sat on the east porch drank, a glass of wine or two and watched all the fireworks from the nearest neighbors and town...........big display and surprising to me since I've never been over here for the big Fourth of July display before.

I brought a collage from home to put in over the bed to think about.....might work, or maybe better later to put up three very small panels. For now, it's up. When the electrician gets here to do some work in the computer room, I can get the fan it's now functional after taking it down to shortened the "wachamacallit" that hangs from the ceiling. I'll be glad when all the tile boxes and extraneous stuff is cleared out of here and I can move on to another room.

I'm determined not to put too much in any of these rooms with two households of furniture to combine. It will just be given away to family or given to free-cycle after figuring out what goes where. This is an opportunity to clear stuff out after living in one house over 40 years.



  1. Hey Cheryl,
    It looks great! I love the fact that you have no curtains yet! I still don't have any two years after the renovation of our house on the farm. I finally put some in the bedroom but just gave out before I got any for the rest of the house. I am liking the open feel of the windows with nothing on them now. I easily adapt to things. Tee hee and it is much cheaper!
    See you at Colony in the Fall. Take care and the wine does help on the renovation blues! I drank my share when we were renovating as well.

    Cathy Hegman

  2. I ordered some white Roman shades.........will see how that works. I like the uncluttered look of nothing but I need a little privacy AND protection from sun or cold depending on the season.
    I already put some of the cheap white cotton ones from Lowe's in the computer room.

    Wine in the evening on the east porch with our heat now and coffee on the front north porch in the morning IS GREAT. I may end up with a table and chairs on every porch. The west one is too hot right now for anyone but the dog.

    The big "discussion" around here will come with the kitchen renovation...I don't look forward to it......but STUDIO is next for sure.

  3. What a beautiful place, Cheryl. I know it's going to be worth it all, and once you're done, there'll be time for lots of glasses of wine on the porch!