Thursday, October 16, 2008

Back to the Wax

Back to the waxes!

So long ago it seems since I put this piece up. I needed to get some commission work done with acrylic so all the wax/encaustic paints had to be put away to make room in the studio.

Later, a trip to Italy and moving and and and....all conspired to keep me away.

Today, I finally got to fooling around with this piece again, and I suddenly wanted to add something that I passed every day when running around the Umbrian hills. umbrella or Italian pine tree that seemed a lone sentinel on one of the roads we traveled. I'm not sure what kind of pine they are but it doesn't matter to looks like an umbrella.

This photo is a little dark since it is such a gray day today. If I don't change it, I'll have to take a better picture with truer color. Whatever, there were plenty of these kind of gray days in Umbria as well, so it seems appropriate. This one is 24 x 24" titled, Umbrella Pine, Umbria.


  1. I love this...very pretty, and the color of the sky area just gives you that Umbria/Tuscany feeling. This really makes me want to incorporate more images from my trip to Tuscany into my art!

    Umbrella pine...why Umbria umbrella gives you good alliteration.


  2. Thanks, Anita. We did see a lot of very special skies in Umbria. Amazing.