Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Big Mess

I haven't taken any good photos of my 4 new paintings yet. You can see why when you see this big mess in the farm kitchen.

After returning home, unloading painting stuff, washing, shopping, making more studio shelves.....who has time to paint?

The time is coming though............more when I have time.


  1. Take care with that old linoleum... I've been told it may contain asbestos. We will face that problem when our big kitchen redo happens.

  2. You are so right. Who knows what lies in all these layers as this room was built in 1832...yep, 1832.

  3. Oh wow, now I understand your feeling of being overwhelmed. Do be careful and I am sure soon you will get back to painting as I am sure I will.

  4. Thanks, Glenda. I now have the others up on my canvasworks page at my website.