Friday, January 16, 2009

Farm-Ranch Studio pictures updated

I remembered the other day that I never have updated my website studio page since my move out here. SO, with that said, I took very quick pictures and didn't take time to spiffy things up for them. It is hard sometimes to take pictures with the back lighting coming in but here they are finally up on my website studio link. I couldn't get them up last night as the internet slowed waaay down. This morning things were working....yaaay!

I suppose I might have looked for a more appropriate picture for today's blog, but this is the one I found for now...a shot of the creek back in greener times. On two hundred acres you can find a lot of inspiration.


  1. Enjoyed the studio pics... you've got a great place to create. Easy to get away from distractions, maybe ;-)

  2. I hope so...but I have to get up there first. :>) As soon as things settle more, my plan is to go up and just stay all day or morning or afternoon depending on the schedule...AND not come down unless there is something really pressing.

    I know that work is what leads to inspiration and no work makes you scramble for ideas. Right now my time away is leaving me scrammbling.

  3. That's more true than I like to admit. I haven't painted in two weeks due to prep for the retro show. I could at least find time for sketching or light watercolors. But in a couple of weeks, I'll have no excuse and also no deadlines. Looking forward to studio time before warm weather starts playing havoc with my time again. Wonder if that qualifies as a deadline???

  4. I hate to admit it...but deadlines are GOOD for me......