Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Promised Painting Images

The sun finally came out and barely in the nick of time for outdoor photo shooting. Here's the one I finished yesterday and the encaustic I finished earlier but had to re-mount and re-shoot the photo of.

The encaustic still looks a little subdued...but hey, maybe it just is 'subdued'....the other is a lesson in keeping the glow in intense color painting. Same subject matter, different feel.


  1. I love it! I just got your thread on the one list thingy. I hope you come to Colony, I will miss you if you do not make it. I got a call from Pat Regan the other day and she is going to Intensive Studies this year with a friend so she will not be there. I will be so lost without yall. Do not let the renovations get ya down. I have not finished mine yet and may never at this point! It is a painful experience for sure. I love the paintings. I am intrigued with the encaustics....may have to give that a go one day!

  2. Cathy...with the way you love to layer color, you will LOVE encaustic. Of course, it is more labor intensive in the ways you have to have the heat and set up to keep the "fumes" away and all that, but the mystery of the surface is so beautiful.

    Certainly will try to make colony but lots of stuff to get past first...two shows for one.