Monday, January 12, 2009

Studio time

Up in the studio today, I put off making a decision about the painting from yesterday. Yeah I courage. I haven't gotten to that point yet where I don't care where that painting is going.

SO, I got out a couple of new canvases in a new size 12 x 36" and put some light weight texture paste on them. I love this stuff I buy from Nova Colors. It's an inexpensive, but quality product as are all their paints.

It also occurred to me that I've posted pictures of my studio as I've been moving in. However, I never have updated and changed out pictures on my website. Guess I'll have to put that on the "to do" list that grows daily.

Hum...maybe I'll add some glazing to the darks in this painting and add more paint to the lights I want to keep before abandoning it to the garbage heap. Not really, I'm too frugal for that. As long as I can, I just repaint old canvases as long as the surface under can take the medium on top.

Okay, Cheryl....back to work. Where has all my past discipline gone I wonder?

PS.....also, I LOVE my new knife rack in the farm kitchen. So handy here.


  1. I just found your blog and I look forward to poking through your past posts. I like your loose, interpretive take on landscape as well as your colour choices especially those in the previous post.

  2. Hello Margaret. You'll have to poke around some time back. I've been moving and renovating it seems like FOREVER. Thank you so much for your comments on my work. I looked through your site briefly until my connection went out. I really like your take on your collage/paintings.

  3. YUM those ready to paint on canvases make my mouth water,lol. Loks like my pieces before the inspiration happens!

  4. Hi Joy.........yeah, I live the early beginnings of paintings...I have a toner on them and some design elements drawn out now. Next comes the painting to see how it all works out.