Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Having a melt down!

I'm having a meltdown...and not the good kind with beeswax. The kind that comes with the excitement and frustration of setting up a new computer. This thing is gorgeous...HP TouchSmart IQ 816. A 25.5 inch screen all in one. The problem and frustration is having a borderline connection and VISTA. I've been using XP Pro for 4 years and this is not a pretty sight a grown woman almost pulling hair.
On top of that some of my software discs disappeared in the move. I'm trying to get my FTP program to load (I have the Key) but it's not working. I don't have an email program set up yet due to using Web mail so much. Who knows how many little programs are not installed yet and I will have to hunt them all down one my one for my preferences. more negative hair pulling.

Here's the painting I painted almost entirely at Mississippi Art Colony the first day. I did a little tweaking but I think it's working. I can't think of any other title for it but to add to my Little Pieces of Land series at #29. It is 48 x 36" acrylic on canvas.

Now to get the varnish and hangers on it and on to more if this darn computer (I am not going there again).

So bye for know where I'll be.


  1. Oh no! I hope you can find everything and get the puter going again. I am going to have to do the same thing at some point this year. I dread the thought of trying to transfer everything....The painting is wonderful! I loved it at Colony and I really love it now. It seems a bit richer in color now. Good job and good luck on the computer. Perhaps a good glass of wine could solve some issues! :)

  2. Finally got the computer doing okay I think. There will be some adjusting I'm sure. I've been in Dallas since Friday so I'm ready to get back home and to the studio.