Friday, July 17, 2009

Painting demo without video continued......... I went up to the studio. This time I just eyed that darn video cam and left it alone. I started working on the painting again 'cause as anyone familiar with acrylic knows, it can 'die' on you overnight even if you thought you were so brilliant the day before.

Before more paint........

I decided the part above what could be called the horizon line needed more paint, something. So I set to work and quickly added some more.

Oops....not the right feeling in color. I am not sure about all that gray in the bottom left either. There is more here and there throughout the painting, but from a distance something may be needed. I have to guard against getting things TOO balanced though. Anyway...this layer is not right. What to do, what to do!

The only thing you can, just DO IT. If it's wrong, do it again until something looks better. You can always paint over it. Layers only add to the feeling of good paint quality with this kind of work.

SO..........this is what I ended up with....for now...the gray stays although there are some subtle changes not too noticeable in this picture. Looks like another "Little Pieces of Land" painting to me. Nothing wrong with them, but I have done quite a few (31) and none of them small. Maybe it's time for a good talk with myself about where I'm going from here.


  1. You are getting somewhere...Looks good to me...I have a mental thought about it, but will remain mum on it.


  2. Hey Cheryl,
    This looks great! I loved the Little Pieces of Land series you painted. I love the arc line, that is my most favorite line in all of paintingdom. It for me is a connection bridge for all of my paintings and it just feels right to me. Yours looks super wonderful! I am so impressed! Is this going to be in the Youtube video? Have you seen the Youtube on the Iphone app called brushes? Here is the link I don't have an Iphone but this looks really neat.

  3. It was going to be two separated videos of working on this painting. I'm still trying off and on to figure out how to cut/trim down the parts I don't want so it will be within the 10 minutes YouTube gives you. Might be a moot point now that I went ahead and posted it this way.
    But, I'll be working on it so I can learn how to do this.