Friday, September 10, 2010

Green Day, Johnson Creek

It's finished... hauled it out on the studio porch to take a picture. Yes, no, yes, other people find fault with "is it finished?"... when they take them out to take a photo.

After getting out into the bright light I begin to see places that might need a little finessing...but without ruining the freshness and the look that it just flowed with no going back.

I declare this one finished.... 60 x 48" acrylic on canvas, Green Day, Johnson Creek.

ps...if I do anything else I will not tell.


  1. Hahahaa I am reading a book on Bonnard...he was constantly painting on his work even after it was in said he would get someone to distract the guard and he would repaint the areas he thought needed more work...You are just Bonnarding my friend! ahahahaaaaa
    It looks fabulous tome I would not change a thing my favorite part is the little hint of blue in the upper region of the piece. Really a copacetic feeling piece. LEAVE IT 2 sense!

  2. I probably will.. I find that sometime just putting the varnish on will 'finish' it as well as any more tweaking.

  3. I noticed the hint of blue 'copacetic' spot too ;) Agreed, ya done good!

    This is over-size for normal shipping, right? I'm starting to consider this more these days as bigger works won't fit in the Prius and I still have a bunch floating around. The old Nissan van is still a workhorse when needed but I'm thinking ahead and stretching no wider than 42" or longer than 60".

  4. Karen... if you don't mind sending with nothing but plastic around the painting and in a double wall box that will allow the painting to barely fit will go Ground FedEX. I sent one this size to Seattle. If you have to have extra inches for will not go and you will have to go freight. I just took the chance.
    Same thing for 36 x 72"...barely makes the size limitations if special make the box.