Friday, November 5, 2010


I'm SO happy. Yeah... a lot of energy today for tasks around the ranch and also for the studio.  I wish I still had this energy like I used to all the time. The good part is, I really appreciate it more now than I did when I had it all the time.

In the studio today I had already prepped a 36 x 48" canvas earlier...........toned it and could really get into laying that paint down.

It 'feels' good to me today at the end of the day........And I hope it won't need anything more tomorrow, unless it is just a little touch of a gem or two of paint in just the right spot.

For some reason, I have already titled it in my mind............ Autumn, Here Today, Gone Tomorrow.


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  2. Ya gotta be a slug??? No way. I am not painting as much as I should be. I feel guilty when I'm not in the studio. BUT, sometimes, it's just as well as you build up all this stuff that comes out when you DO get in the studio.

    I've been changing website backgrounds and links and the like. Need to learn all over again how to set up a website since I probably need to learn a new program to work with that is more up to date than the old one I've used for years.

    I need some video stuff but haven't done anything about it.

  3. Love it, Cheryl! And I so empathize with you and the renewed energy. Fall and spring can do that to a person.

  4. Martha...those are my favorite times of the year.

  5. This is a terrific painting, Cheryl. I'm so pleased you're doing more than one medium.

  6. Hylla... I love working with wax, but acrylic has long been my major medium. I love working with the collage elements though and the wax is also great with that.

    Thanks for the comment.