Friday, January 7, 2011

Think Pink

Think Pink....that's what they say at Pantone for 2011.

Pink is not really MY color when it comes to painting. However, I am up to challenges when it comes to color since I almost always learn something by using a color not in my usual repertoire.

SO... looking through all my acrylic paints I came across a Golden color called Light Magenta. I figured I would just tone my big 48 x 48 canvas with this color and go from there. I don't have anything really in mind. I was considering...what can I combine with this color. A friend, Hylla Evans mentioned that it is wonderful with spring greens. That is really true... but it's not spring yet around here even in northeastern Texas.

I guess that thought stayed stuck though as I just started using random colors I already had on my palette..........and they are colors I do use a lot, oranges and reds, grays and pale ochres that are mostly mixtures and went from there. I made a lot of lyrical marks with charcoal and then with black/paynes gray mixtures to get going. I even decided to do these marks with my non-dominant hand. I was surprised when these marks started looking like plant like forms. I thought they would have been more ridgid and clunky feeling with my left hand drawing them.

I'm including a close detail..........and the 85% finished work in the pictures. This work will need more paint and when that happens sometimes I paint a whole new painting. It will just depend on how I like what is happening when I go back into the one that is there now.

detail, early process

Nearer completion.... 48 x 48 acrylic on canvas


  1. I love the new pink!!! I get a windblown warm feeling from this one. What are you going to title it? Really beautiful shapes....use that left hand more often I suppose! Good blog!

  2. I don't have much of a grasp on a title yet. I guess the least I can do if nothing comes to me is "Pink Ground"....Or "Wishing for Spring" or something... any ideas?

  3. I just found your blog..Nice..I am not a lover of pink but now you have made me change my mind.
    This is wonderful.

  4. Thank you, Katelen. Looks like the snow today put a damper on my thinking of spring.