Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Panel Progress, continued

The bottom photo is after I've been working for a short time adding color and neutral pigments. The one above is a closer in shot of this second panel.

As mentioned yesterday, I wanted to get both panels to about the same amount of finish so they would be compatible to be hung together or NOT.. I work this way with my acrylic on canvas or collage paintings as well. I can complete more with less effort ( I think). I, also, don't get too bogged down with detail or
too much nuance at the wrong times in the process of working. The work will remain fresher.......and oh yeah, my neck will appreciate it a lot.

The top picture is of the two panels at this stage of the painting process. There is a lot of wax and pigment on all parts of the panels now. The next stages will be to refine or cover/expose. I haven't done ANY scraping. This is mostly positive painting with a lot of negative painting into it just as I do with acrylic. ..oh yeah and fuse, fuse, fuse.

Negative painting sure does turn on the right side of the brain...and time flies.


  1. i'm digging this and i like what you say about your process, very fitting for such a zenlike work.

  2. Working with encaustic does slow me down...a good thing sometime. I try to never work TOO long at a time so I can get back and look at it, too.

  3. I'm enjoying it as well. Last night I sat down to watch the news and caught a whiff of 'honey'...guess the beeswax settled on me while painting.