Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Brown/Black paintings progress or not

Time has flown by since my last entry. I added a touch more to the last paintings (2 small ones) I was working on ....and painted and re-painted and I still don't know what to do with the big one........... The Brown/Black title is all I have for the moment and doesn't totally fit the big one now as it has so much amber/gold coloration in it at the moment. This one may never see the light of day in a gallery or outside this blog. BUT, who knows, I may change my mind next month.

Brown/Black 1

Brown/Black 2

Link to BrownBlackBig

Wow....something is up with the image loading again......all I can see is the html except in preview mode. I'm leaving the big 48 x 48" one on my website since I'm not so sure it's finished and to conserve space here.

I'm also going to try to put a few links in the side bar and see what happens with that....crossing fingers..XXX


  1. Interesting blog, your paintings are so wonderful.

  2. Thanks, Max. The strangest thing just happened...I loaded a new blog page and got your comment all in a matter of a few minutes and it took me awhile to find where you made the comment.
    Hopefully, I won't wait so long between posts in the future although I can't promise.