Saturday, June 10, 2006

Continuing the Process

Well......I went and said stay tuned and didn't come back. I promise, I was working on these paintings off and on....and still have more work to come, especially on the large 48 x 48" one. It only has the canvas toned, various color combinations I'm trying with the brown, black, mustard yellow, and white combinations. I will have to keep adding layers and layers until I decide I like it.

I note this photo is a mite blurry, too.

Brown/Black #1 is not too bad now that I look at it more. ...#2 could use some "zing" somewhere. And since i told myself this is supposed to be white, I need to go back and un-subdue some of the places I toned it down. White just looks so white even though it was mixed with other color. Gotta watch the chalkiness (is that a word?).

Brown/Black #1

Brown/Black #2

Guess y'all will have to stay tuned for the finished pieces.


  1. I LIKE those Cheryl! New color combinations for you.


  2. I shall be curious to see what you do to the 48x48 one in particular, because every time I look at it it seems to be moving - like a fire.