Friday, April 27, 2007

Waxes and camp update

The connection is sporadic here at camp. So there will be few words. I've got wax going pretty good on 6 of the 12x12" panels now. It's hard to type sitting in the SUV out in front of the dining hall with the laptop on my knee. (not much of a typist anyway.) I think this is going to be a good medium for my purposes but there is a learning curve for just about everything I'm used to doing.
Here's the image of the first one....I started it at home the day before I came and finished it yesterday.

More later...happy hour and dinner is calling.


  1. I like it, I am also planning to do waxing.
    I am now starting on a new series of painting after a successful, near-sellout exhibition.

  2. Hi Dawn...I plan to do much more. Right now I have about 7 finished...well one might need just a touch more. I haven't decided for sure. Ventilation in the studio will be a challenge and keeping cool in the summer will also be a challenge as my A/C just comes in through an open door. Maybe it's time after all these years to run vents out there.

  3. Oh yes......congratulations on the near sell out. That's fantastic.

  4. What a wonderful painting. Hope you enjoyed Mississippi while you were here. Thanks for postng that link to the MS Art Colony. I've lived in MS almost all my life and hadn't heard of it, but I am getting my art on at a late age. Thanks again!