Monday, June 2, 2008

Slow Day In Umbria

June 2

We decided to decide this morning if we would go to Assisi. We were really tired from going out all day and into the evening just about every day since we've been here. SO, we just woke up...and turned over and went back to sleep. We knew the forecast was for rain, too. So it's been a lazy day around here....feels like a couple of weeks ago as it's much cooler when all the rain and wind came blowing through here today.

Now if it just blew on through enough to give us a little better weather tomorrow to go to Assisi. We're also looking at weather and schedules for a day by train to Rome but the weather looks like rain every day there as well except for Friday.

Late this morning I decided it was time for a pot of lentils since we bought them and the weather certainly called for something like this.........yum, yum they are good. Especially, with garlic and shallots from the garden and some chopped proscuitto crudo sautéed in olive oil.

Carolyn decided we couldn't let a day go by without a picture so here it is.........the beautiful sunset looking off the bedroom terrace....if you look really closely you will see the sparkle of the lights of Montegabbione.

Buona notte, amici.


  1. Oh how I wish I were a mouse in your pocket. Would love, love, love to be there also !!!!!!!!!! *sigh*

    I'm back to my day job after nine days off. I used my time to hang out in my garden, paint, paint and paint some more. It was a nice vacation but yours, well, who can argue with Umbria???????

    Looks like you're having a nice time.

  2. You bet I am having a wonderfu time inspiring to a person who paints more landscapes than anything else. Thanks for the comments, Paula.