Sunday, July 19, 2009

Finished painting

Little Pieces of Land 31
acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas, 48 x 36"

I finally got the painting photographed outside today. Here is the finished painting from the demo of the past few days.


  1. It's beautiful Cheryl, and really good to see the process behind it. Love your earlier comments about audio when videoing - not sure anyone would want to hear me muttering to myself, let along singing!

  2. Thanks, Cath. Isn't the internet great?...reading blogs and seeing paintings half way around the world.
    I'm sure no one would want to hear me singing my voice is long gone from allergies and such.

  3. It is beautiful! Cheryl! send us the Youtube link when you have it up!
    How is your weather in Texas, we have been really cool yesterday and today, around mid 80s and at night in the upper 60s and super low humidity. My hair has done exceptionally well, I really hate for this to end and go back to our normal and sticky conducive to stringy frizzy hair! Take care!

  4. I'll do that, Cathy. Cooler some here but not 'cool' by some standards. G-kids here today and off and one...will see when I can keep working on the video and let you know.