Monday, April 13, 2009

Update on Wax Easel

I finally found that old wooden watercolor board portable easel a friend's husband made me so long ago. I have used it before when working on collage and my neck would hurt bending over too much.....why not for encaustic as well!

It does slant but not as much as a full easel and I can move it and lay my boards flat when needed.

If I want to go all out with uncontrolled drips, I can just put it on the old Stanrite metal easel...............yaaay!

Can't work today to see how it will go and will be gone tomorrow all day...........but Wednesday, I'm gonna try this all out as I can definitely see a lot needs work now that I have that photo up on the easel.

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  1. Thanks for posting the image of the portable watercolor board easel! I may have to try to make one of those for my next workshop! Looks like it will be slick for encaustic too!

  2. Great.........glad you can use the idea. It is two flat pieces of plywood with a 'slot' on each to fit them together in case you couldn't see that in the picture. That way it is easy to store flat. I will hold a board for a full sheet of watercolor paper.