Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Semi - Good Day

I actually had internet upstairs with ALLTEL Wireless today.....I luxuriously left it going for 5-6 hours straight on my laptop. I sat around browsing blogs, reading old email I've missed, and ate my lunch. All the time I was looking at paintings begun and at the "disaster" from a few days ago. So about 4 pm I just lit into the disaster and now it might be just as much a disaster as before, but a much more colorful one than before.

Sorry - no picture as I didn't have the light for it. It may be just another layer in a long line of layers anyway when I go up to the studio next time to see if it looks better or worse.

I ordered a dozen books for friends today. Nita Leland's newest book on "Confident Color" is a wonderful book...plug, plug. My work is in it and on the cover. After the past couple of days of painting, I'm feeling like a fraud being in an art book. Maybe if I pretend enough, it will come true. I used to do that when I was a kid. Maybe I'm easily influenced but it worked for me..........sometimes still does.

All in all ...a good day since I could just take my time and absorb and paint and think. AND, the sun was shining.

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