Friday, January 2, 2009

Tempting fate

I knew it would happen........if you stay out of the studio too long, you forget how to paint or handle the brush. I tell you, it ain't pretty.

This picture is of a painting I began some time ago and left to finish while working on the farm kitchen. Time was taken up by so much remodeling...along with lots of other events (Christmas, New Year and visits from those wonderful kids and grandkids). Now, IT's come to visit, that weird time of knowing more in your head than your hand with brush can perform. Hopefully, I won't be punished by being out of the loop too long. Maybe I can finish this as planned, or maybe it will morph into a disaster, or the best I've ever done. I never know until it's all over.

Oh yeah...the other picture is of our trusty captured helper peering out from under the house as my husband is continuing his work on the gutted bathroom now that the kitchen is in working order.


  1. Oh, no! I'm gonna have one of those bathroom projects, too! But without the hubby or the helper! I definitely think I'll be looking for a 'friend.' hehe

  2. yep...hubby's and helpers are up there on my A list.

  3. Cheryl, looks like a fine start to me!

  4. yeah, I like the start...hope I will like the ending. :>)

  5. Your 'men folk' look to be very handy. BTW I personally LOVE the painting!


  6. Hi Diane.........I'm hoping to keep the mood of this painting. I have more paint all over the lower two thirds now. It's not often I pretty much finish one part of a painting before the rest.
    I'll post it when I'm done if I don't ruin it .:>)